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2018-06-17 Weekly Goals

Rather than post daily goals and status, I’m switching to weekly goals with a separate status post for two reasons: 1. Daily Goals Were Too Aggressive When you’re trying to get something finished every...

2018-06-15 Daily Update 0

2018-06-15 Daily Update

Today I weighed in at 162.9. My weight is finally moving the right direction. Goal Review Clickbait Heroes Goal: Make posting image selection smoother. Result: Success. Weight Goal: Have two meals today. Result: Success....

2018-06-13 Daily Update 2

2018-06-13 Daily Update

Being back at home, I was able to weigh myself this morning. I weighed in at 165.8 lbs, the same weight as before my trip. This is disheartening, as is another issue. By trying...