2018-06-10 Daily Update

Today was a fun but challenging day. I work for a company that is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area and I like to get up there once a month to see the people I collaborate with. So I flew up today.

Travel, especially when meals are covered, makes it incredibly easy to cheat yourself out of your goals.

Fortunately I’ve been to San Francisco many times in the past so I was able to relax at the hotel and stick to the plan without too much FOMO.

Goal Review

Clickbait Heroes

Goal: Add an ad to Clickbait Heroes.

Result: Mixed.

I was not able to add an ad to the site because of issues with the ad network. I’m working on getting them ironed out. In the meantime I added related posts to the bottom of Clickbait posts.

Dating App

Goal: Make progress on the dating app.

Result: Success.

I don’t write much about what I’m doing on the app because the changes are incremental and minor (add a button to do X). But I made good progress.


Goal: Follow the OMAD (One Meal a Day) diet .

Result: Success.

I only ate dinner today. But I went a little nuts with it.

Strength & Stamina

Goal: Do 45 pushups.

Result: Success

I did one set of 30 and one set of 15.

One Year Goal

Goal: Launch.

Result: Success.

One Year Goal is up. I hope to refine it over time but I’m not counting on this site to help me reach my revenue goal for the year.

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