2018-06-11 Daily Update

Today was my first weekday blogging here at OneYearGoal. Despite putting in a full day at work I was able to accomplish my goals for the day.

Goal Review

Clickbait Heroes

Goal: Get rid of the empty mobile menu in the header.

Result: Success.

I also disabled a backend tool that was causing issues.

Dating App

Goal: Set up notifications in the client.

Result: Success.

The client now receives and displays notifications sent by the server. There’s still more to do (handle clicks, include images) but this is a major milestone.


Goal: Follow the OMAD (One Meal a Day) diet .

Result: Success.

My meal was a little exaggerated (appetizer at hotel, sushi out, and dessert elsewhere) but I did manage to fast throughout the day.

Strength & Stamina

Goal: Do 50 pushups.

Result: Success.

I did 51 pushups just before bed.


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