2018-06-12 Daily Update

Today was a bit rough. I flew home from San Francisco and wasn’t as productive as I’d like. I wish I could blame the travel but the fact of the matter is sometimes coding doesn’t go the way you’d like. Hopefully tomorrow will be a little smoother.

Goal Review

Clickbait Heroes

Goal: Automatically clean up links to articles.

Result: Success

From now on, links like http://clickbaitheroes.com?what=does&this=even&mean=! will be posted without all the nonsense after the “?”.

Dating App

Goal: Make match notifications work.

Result: Mixed.

The code is there but it’s not working right. Looks like I’ll be troubleshooting tomorow.


Goal: Follow the OMAD (One Meal a Day) diet .

Result: Success.

The meal was fairly large again. I may have to tone it down tomorrow.

Strength & Stamina

Goal: Do 50 pushups.

Result: Success.

I did 50 pushups in the morning.

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